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Tips When Soundproofing a Ceiling

The acoustics within your commercial property are important. You need to be sure that noise is minimised when possible. Not only should your walls and floors be soundproofed, but so should the ceiling. This is especially true if you have a commercial property with multiple floors. Before you have an acoustical consultant evaluate your noise […]

Counselling support after leaving a violent relationship

Immediately after leaving a long-term abusive relationship, your main focus will usually be on physical needs such as securing a place to live and enough financial support to provide for your immediate needs. Longer term it’s important to have some counselling to undo the emotional damage of abuse. These are three of the issues that […]

Tips to Help You Prepare for Your First Psychotherapy Consultation

So, you’ve made your first psychotherapy appointment.  Here’s how to prepare yourself to make sure you get the most from your initial consultation and lay the groundwork for future sessions. Know What to Expect Your consultation will last for around 45 minutes. It’s important that you maximise that time, and the best way to do […]