How a De Facto Lawyer Can Help You Take Care of Legal Roadblocks During Separation


Are you going through a separation in your de facto relationship, and you would like to know how a de facto lawyer can help you? There are a number of legal matter that might need to be handled by a de facto lawyer during separation, and this is particularly true if you are unable to come to an agreement with your ex-partner.

Hiring a lawyer to help you through the separation can make the process easier on you. Here are the top ways in which a de facto lawyer can help you during separation.

Property settlement

If you and your ex-partner were living in a property and you have a disagreement on how it should be shared, then a de facto lawyer can help you get your fair share.

For example, if there was a financial agreement in place in the form of a signed document then a lawyer can make sure that the agreement is honored. Furthermore, if no agreement was made then a lawyer can assess what your fair share of the assets should be and make a case in court for why you should get them.


The majority of the time the same family laws apply to de facto couples when it comes to children, as it does to married couples. A de facto lawyer can help you get custody of your children, or make sure that you pay a fair alimony amount.

They can also get court orders so that the ex-partner is not allowed to come into contact with you or the children if there is a reason to go down that route. For example, if your ex-partner was physically abusive, you wouldn't want him or her anywhere near you and the kids.

Spousal maintenance

In de facto relationships in some circumstances one party can claim support from the other after separation. This typically happens in cases where on person lost the ability to earn a living as a result of the relationship. However, before they can claim spousal maintenance they must show a plan, or a willingness to enter education so that they can increase their income.

Take the right course of action

A law firm like Calvin Nelson & Co can help you decide on the course of action that makes most sense for you. For example, if you want to avoid a costly and lengthy court case then a lawyer can help you get a settlement out of court without having to give up much.


31 March 2015

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