Important Information to Share With Your Migration Agent


Application for immigration is quite sensitive in addition to being complex. It is for this reason that a large number of prospective applicants choose to enlist the services of certified migration agents and legal professional.

In order to get the most out of your decision to invest in a migration agent, he or she needs to have as much information as possible about the applicant or applicants. The article below discusses important bits of information that you should not hide from your migration agent.

Your Income

No one readily shares information about their finances with strangers. It is therefore not a surprise that a prospective immigrant would hesitate to share information about their personal finances with admiration agent.

However, once you enlist their services, migration agents (like those at Fisa Pty Ltd) cease to be strangers. You should ensure that the migration agent has correct and accurate details about your finances. This is more so important if you hope to sponsor applications for more than one immigrant.

Sharing financial details with your migration agent should not be a problem because the agent will never share this information with anyone, or use it to your disadvantage.

Your Immigration and Criminal History

It is a fact that your immigration or criminal history can increase chances of your application being rejected. You should therefore not hesitate to share this information with your agent, especially if you were found guilty of the crime. This information is important because it will determine whether your migration agent or lawyer needs to file for waivers on your criminal offenses along with your application for migration. Without the relevant waivers, you can be sure that your application will be rejected.

Similarly, it is important to ensure that you present the agent with your immigration history. This is especially important if you're making a subsequent application after a prior application has been rejected. The agent needs this information so that he or she can understand why your previous application was rejected. This information will also help the agent to determine alternative legal avenues to explore in light of the rejected application, if a subsequent application is not an option.

It is important to point out that each application for migration is unique. This means that you may have to provide much more information as advised by the migration agent. However, the information discussed above should be shared by all applicants regardless of the complexities involved in the case.


17 March 2015

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